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A comprehensive guide to risk and crisis management

For those, who are interested in practical approaches to risk and crisis management – check out these publications (in German):
The Swiss federal institute for forest, snow and landscape (WSL) is providing a comprehensive collection of its publications, which provides information on risk and crisis management in forestry – Merkblatt für die Praxis. The papers are condensed versions of the institute’s research findings and translated into sets of practical guidelines. They are of interest to practitioners, to forest and environmental delegates as well as to lay persons.
On another note, the forest crises management advisory guide provides practical guidelines for preventing or minimizing damage and raises awareness on adaptation strategies to events of climate change.
Further, the Scottish government issued an operational guidance document for wildfire incidents. It was initially written to give fire fighting and rescue personnel an additional understanding of the wildfire phenomenon. However,  the  “Wildfire Operational  Guidelines” are freely available and a helpful source of information. It is one of the few books that is addressing fire in a central and northern European perspective. A book not only for fire and rescue services.


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