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When a fire starts to burn

Rachel MacManus, Head of Content at Green Lady Media, has gathered insightful information in her article The growing problem of wildfires in Britain and what to do if you see one for the latest edition of BBC Countryfile Magazine. It discusses the different causes, consequences and ways to tackle this problem. “Aside from the cost of tackling these blazes, and resources diverted from emergencies like traffic collisions and house fires, the damage to the natural habitat can be catastrophic,” Rachel explains.

She interviews Craig Hope, Station Manager at the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, who is committed to understanding the mechanisms of wildfires and identifying vegetation that can potentially spark a fire. Craig recently organised a symposium of international experts to share their experience of the causes of wildfire across Europe and discuss best practice in how to tackle them. Many of the participants are joining the European Forest Risk Facility, an innovative platform of exchange and knowledge transfer between science, practice and policy hosted by European Forest Institute.
One relevant conclusion of the seminar and Rachel’s article is that “Managing vegetation growth is key to tackling wildfires, and has become as much a priority to the firefighters as innovative techniques like drone technology to gather evidence of deliberate fires and educating teenagers about the antisocial impact of starting the blazes.”
Photos courtesy of Rachel MacManus – Green Lady Media, and Hazel Nash.


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