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It’s not too late to ensure your spot in Sardinia!

There is still time to submit an abstract to present at this year’s two satellite events during the European Forest Institute annual conference taking place in September on the second biggest island of Italy – Sardinia.
Both events touch upon the aspect of biodiversity at the level of genes. In fact, a rich genetic diversity of forest trees is like a resilience insurance: in the face of a climate change and pests and diseases, some trees will have genes that are resistant to these disturbances, thusenabling the forest to recover after some time.
However, the two scientific seminars go beyond resilience and genetic diversity.
The first one ‘Research that matters: applying tree genomics to sustainable development (Tue 25 Sep 2018) focuses on new approaches in genetics and genomics, , including new-generation breeding strategies which have great potential to harness natural genetic variation to promote forest health and productivity.
In this seminar, we are looking for contributions addressing a wide variety of topics connecting forest genetic resources and sustainable development, from theoretical approaches, to applied breeding and genomics. Innovative applied approaches with potential impact on SDGs and original research questions will be favoured, but we also welcome timely reviews and meta-analyses from recognised leaders in the field.
Call deadline: 15 July
The second seminar Roots to Riches: Genetics & products of stone pine and Mediterranean Oaks (Wed 26 Sep 2018) will focus on two specific issues of Mediterranean forestry: Non Wood Forest Products and sustainable bioeconomy.
The morning session looks into the genetics, management and uses of stone pine and cork oak. In the afternoon, in collaboration with European Hardwoods Innovation (EHIA) and the French Institute of Technology for Forest-based and Furniture Sectors (FCBA), we examine the role of Mediterranean oaks in the forest-based bioeconomy.
We invite contributions for oral presentations or posters on the following topics:

  1. Cork & pine nuts – Genetics, management and use of cork oak and stone pine How do genetics influence management options in a context of global change? New management and governance approaches for nature and people.
  2. Mediterranean oaks – examining the role of Mediterranean oaks in the forest-based bioeconomy. How to secure and increase the resource by safeguarding its multi-functionality? How to stimulate management of oak forests and enhance their contribution to the forest-based bioeconomy?

Call deadlines: 6 July for oral presentations and 15 July for posters
You can register to both events, whether you present or not, through EventBrite registration form here
We are looking forward to receiving your submissions!


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