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Fire News from European Media

Here we would like to provide you with recent updates:
After responding to 50 wildfires over the past two weeks, Collite urged the public not to engage in “fire tourism” as forest and gorse fires continue to rage across the country amid hot, dry conditions.
The president of a protection association overseeing a natural area near Villers-lès-Nancy lamented the destruction done to birds’ nesting grounds by an 8-hectare wildfire which roared through the area several days ago.
Firefighters from multiple agencies were finally able to control a 400-hectare wildfire that had been burning on forestland in Lieberoser Heide in Brandenburg state since Thursday morning.
Fire brigades from surrounding communities battled a 5-hectare wildfire which started out in an agricultural field near Wallwitz on Thursday as drought conditions persisted in Halle and Saalkreis.
Hot temperatures and windy conditions fueled an outbreak of wildfires in Palermo, including a large blaze near Alimena, where a CL-415 was brought in to help keep flames away that threatened some homes.
The wildfire season officially opened with major wildfires across the province of Cosenza, including one blaze outside of Villapiana which spread to the neighboring town of Cerchiara di Calabria.
Fire brigades battled an 8-hectare wildfire which broke out last Thursday in a forest near the village of Helenów, adjacent to Czerniewice, Lubochnia and Żelechlinek, in the district of Tomaszów.,13316661/


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