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PopUp Forest – Woodland in a bicycle

Global biodiversity is decreasing at an alarming pace. It occurs in remote wilderness areas but also right at our doorsteps. Nature is everywhere, and it is facing a global crisis. As such, the PopUp Forest movement is activating a civic response to locally address biodiversity loss and drive momentum towards the UN2020 Convention on Biological Diversity.  

This event, to be held in China, will gather representatives from 190 countries to reaffirm their commitment to nature. Its positive outcome is of great importance to steer the political decision-making process regarding biodiversity degradation.  

The first mobile PopUp Forest was launched in New York in May 2018. It consisted of a temporary installation in the form of a woodland on a bicycle to celebrate local biodiversity and nature in cities. The fully functional tiny ecosystem journeyed from Brooklyn to Times Square while offering an inspiring spectacle. After its success, the movement went global. It now calls for engagement to replicate PopUp Forests in other countries and increase awareness about urban forestry on a global scale.  

By following the PopUp Forest movement, communities feel connected to nature. Such efforts promote local policy initiatives that lead to community-based solutions for greening urban spaces. This results in benefits for people’s health and well-being, but also contributes to the resilience of the city and provides a habitat for many local species. 

Are you interested in joining the action? The PopUp Forest team will guide and support participants in running the project in their home cities. In 2020, actions will take place from January through December. Connect with the PopUp Forest movement and enjoy the ride! 

Would you like to learn more on how urban forests contribute to resilient cities? Check out the latest news through the European Forum on Urban Forestry 2019 at   

For further reading: Find out more about the Convention on Biological Diversity

Photo credit: Samuel Stone @Pixabay


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