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Can land use be sustainable?

Voices of Resilience introduces Claudia Bieling, who holds the Chair of Societal Transition and Agriculture at the University of Hohenheim, Germany. Her work is rooted in transdisciplinary sustainability research and focuses on the interface of ecological and social dimensions in land-use and food systems.

She analyses drivers, processes, and effects of landscape change, and how the management can have desirable outcomes. She also studies the variables, thresholds, and patterns of change in complex social-ecological systems, and how to cope with change, either in terms of building resilience against change or in constructively adapting to inevitable change.

According to her research, resilience is build through specific land use practices that follow principles of adaptive management. Typical strategies foster the provision of diverse ecosystem services and increase natural, social, and cultural capital at the same time.

Voices of Resilience is an interview series with different scientists, some of who participated in a scientific workshop in September 2018 in Bonn. Given that our German unit coordinates EFI’s Resilience Programme, “Operationalizing Forest Resilience” brought scientists from Europe and the USA to discuss how they can help forest managers to implement resilience in practice. Previous Voices of Resilience features showed the work of Kathy Steppe and Rupert Seidl. Be on the lookout for new videos!


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