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INFORMAR Final Conference

Join us in Bonn, the European Forest City 2020, for a multi-disciplinary discussion on integrated forest management and ecosystem services

By Silvia Abruscato and Christiane Düring 

The European Forest Institute (EFI) is cordially inviting you to our conference on “Governing and managing forests for multiple ecosystem services across the globe”. Join in and share your thoughts, experiences and ideas on integrated forest management (IFM) approaches.

This conference is organised by EFI in collaboration with several research institutions and international projects leads. It will be held in Bonn (Germany) from the 26 – 28 of February 2020 and we would like to have YOU on board.

Particularly in times of climate change and biodiversity loss, forests play a central role for our planet, providing a wide variety of ecosystems services, supporting societies and other natural environments. It is, therefore, more than ever crucial to exchange ideas and approaches on forest governance and forest management.

Forest management approaches must accommodate the societal demands in a specific context, defined by different priorities and spatial dimensions. Many influencing factors, such as agriculture, energy production, rural and urban development or climate change shape forest management in practice. IFM aims at uniting various functions and uses on multiple levels. Well-designed policy initiatives can provide a supporting framework for such multifunctional approaches to fully fulfil their purposes.

With our conference, we aim to spark a lively, multi-disciplinary discussion on integrated forest management and governance of ecosystem services at a global level, exchanging valuable information relevant for researchers and practitioners alike.

For this reason, the experts from the INFORMAR project (led by EFI), in collaboration with the Polyfores project (led by SLU); have initiated the planning of this international event for reaching a better understanding of the above.

If you would like to know more about our work, don’t think further, there is just one way to find out! Join us in Bonn and network with experts, practitioners, and policy makers! More questions? Feel free to contact us or maybe you find the answer in the FAQs below:

This conference aims to compile and synthetise scientific evidence relating to the current state of ‘integrated’ forest management approaches.

The integrated forest management approaches aim to provide a multitude of services at the same time and on several levels. This requires a close collaboration at the policymaking, forest planning and management level. Our scientific conference committee wants to investigate and further discuss this concept in a joint dialogue with scientists, practitioner, policy makers and interested stakeholders (e.g. NGOs, private owners, civil society, students etc).

The conference is designed to be on a very interactive and accessible level, open to both high-end academics as well as those still at the start of their careers. We will create a very inclusive environment with participatory plenary sessions, speed talks, poster presentations and high-level policy discussions.   

But that’s not all! We will also have a science-policy-practice event in the nearby forest where policy makers and practitioners will join an open dialogue to better understand how to advance integrated management approaches.

We are very happy to announce that all our keynote speakers come from all continents. They are specialized in integrated forest management and come from different disciplines such as forest ecology, forest economics, forest policy analysis, forest (ecosystem) management and conservation.

Now this is where you come in: We are also looking forward to welcoming motivated and committed participants from across the globe.

If you feel like this is right in your area of expertise and/or interest and you would like to share some of your knowledge related to the current state of governance of forest ecosystem services and integrated forest management approaches, we would very much appreciate your application for a conference paper or poster.

Submit your abstract here by September 30th, 2019 and tell us how your contribution will help us to germinate new insights, making knowledge sharing flourish.  

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