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Facing the Future: Adaptive measures in urban forests

The European Forum on Urban Forestry (EFUF) 2022 will be organised from 17-21 May 2022 in Belgrade (Serbia) by the City of Belgrade and its partners. The Forum theme is “adaptive measures in urban forests”. EFUF 2022 will be a great opportunity to learn about new and cutting-edge research on adaptive measures in urban forests and an opportunity to discuss with inspiring practitioners, advanced researchers and sector-leading policymakers on how to improve urban forest management in a rapidly changing world.  

The call for contributions is open until the 1st of February 2022. We invite urban forest practitioners, policy makers, researchers and managers to submit abstracts for the Forum. This includes, but is not limited to, applied as well as academic research, perspectives and experience of professionals and practitioners working in policy making, planning, management, engagement of civil society amongst many others. EFUF emphasises the connection of practice and scientific knowledge, encouraging a variety of possible formats to contribute to the conference. Contributions to the 24th European Forum on Urban Forestry will explore these aspects. 

  • Theme 1: Adaptive ecological measures in Urban Forests – exploring the challenges of climate change, pollution, natural disasters, resilience, biodiversity loss including invasive species, pollution, biodiversity and innovative approaches to urban ecosystem management.
  • Theme 2: Socio-environmental-economic measures in Urban Forests – exploring the challenges and opportunities around awareness, education, recreation, aesthetics, tourism and entrepreneurship alongside health & wellbeing services, spatial inclusion & exclusion.
  • Theme 3: Planning and governance measures in Urban Forests – exploring multi-stakeholder participation in urban forests alongside monitoring assessment, policy making, spatial planning, regulations for urban forests, co-creation, co-governance and nature-based solutions. 

More information about the Abstract submission you find here.

Curious to know what will happen in May? Listen to the Mayor, Mr. Zoran Radojičić and Mrs. Maja Jovanovic, responsible for Nature Protection in Belgrade, what they plan for the next Forum in our latest Podcast!

Do you know that the European Forum on Urban Forestry has an app? This app will be instrumental during this year’s forum. Download it now and you will never miss an update on EFUF. 

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