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Connecting nature conservation and forest management

Why the best exchange of knowledge&experiences about forests usually happens in the forest

Have you ever heard of the ADAPT Project, a project implemented by IUCN to increase ecosystem and community resilience to climate change and disaster risks by applying Nature-based solutions in the Western Balkans? I in fact haven’t, until recently I met some of the project partners when the Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (ECARO) of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) organized in collaboration with diverse partners and country representatives from the Balkan region a four-day study tour to Bonn. The tour had the goal to exchange experiences and knowledge of nature-based solutions that may find application to the Western Balkan region.    

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Julia Klöckner: Wir brauchen klimaresistentere Bäume

Laut einer dpa-Meldung vom 7. September 2018 hat Bundesminsterin für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft Julia Klöckner zu den Schäden für den deutschen Wald Stellung bezogen, die unter anderem durch die lange Dürreperiode ausgelöst wurden. Besonders Fichtenbestände sind betroffen, aber beinahe alle Baumarten haben unter den extremen Wetterlagen gelitten. Das Ausmaß des Schadens kann laut Klöckner erst mit Verzögerung festgestellt werden, konkrete Zahlen werden im Herbst diesen Jahres erwartet. Natürlich spielt auch das Wetter in den kommenden Wochen eine Rolle.

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European forests at risk: new challenges and possible solutions

by Johanna Strieck & Laura Nikinmaa
The cold Czech winter offered a warm welcome when the participants of the kick-off event of the project “Sustaining and Enhancing the REsilience of European Forest” (SURE) started in Písek, Czech Republic, on 18th of February. More than 50 scientists, practitioners and policy makers from 19 different European countries gathered to exchange experiences with forests risks and related disturbances. Hosted by Pro Silva Bohemica and European Forest Institute, the event was the kick-off for the collaboration towards a European Forest Risk Facility.

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