“REDDy for more?” Join EFI’s side event for COP23 and explore the future of global forest governance

Join our panel-audience discussion on the possible future of global forest governance focusing on the tropics on Saturday the 11th of November 2017, 13.00 – 15.00 in the new premises of EFI Bonn at Platz der Vereinten Nationen 7 in Bonn. Strong current trends and likely future scenarios, which may build on but also go beyond REDD+ initiatives will be key themes.

The climate deliberations of previous years have clearly shown that forests are a crucial aspect of global approaches to climate change policy, esp. in the tropics. Persistent deforestation and forest degradation cause a huge amount of CO2 emissions, while growing forest stock, sustainable forest management as well as the use of wood-based products and materials are capable of mitigating emissions from multiple sources.

Highly experienced experts from various fields will give initial short presentations, which will lead into an open panel discussion and provide room for interactions with the audience. The event will close with opportunity for relaxed bi-lateral talks over a beer, opening the official local carnival season.

Speakers include:

Principal governance actors

  • Matthias Schwörer (Head of Division European and International Forest Policy, German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture)
  • Representative from the Government of Norway (to be confirmed)
  • Representative from the Government of Indonesia

Governance analysts

  • Professor Dr. Michael Köhl (University of Hamburg and SAFARI project)
  • Dr. Tim Cadman (Griffith University/Australia)

Governance facilitator

  • Jussi Viitanen (Head of the EFI FLEGT and REDD Unit, Spain)

For more information, please look at our Invitation EFI COP Side Event 11.11. 1-3pm.

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