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Wildfires going North!

The dry weather pattern over the northern parts of Europe are more stable than we like it to be… Ireland’s Forest Service, part of the European Forest Risk Facility network, has issued a RED fire danger warning, while the UK is burning already.We are observing these conditions more often now, outside the fire prone regions of the Mediterranean. Is this a sign of things to expect under climate change scenarios?
Weather forecast is predicting also a dry and warm weekend which will bring thousands of potential ignition sources  (e.g. people) out to the dry countryside. A high Fire Danger Index and weekend outdoor activities are not a good mixture indeed to avoid and prevent unwanted vegetation fires. Especially when you have to deal with un-managed fuels….We are in constant contact within the network and could activate mutual network assistance via the Forest Risk Facility “Fire Node”, i.e. the Pau Costa Foundation.
We are currently discussing the mobilization of experts to assist with fire analysis and tactical fire behavior prediction.
Defense Force in Ireland has 100 troops on a one hour readiness, three helicopters, fire service and forestry staff. All resources looking at Dublin.
30 June 2018 (UK): network member, Craig Hope, taxied by helicopter to assist on fires up north, now ordered back to Wales as Welsh fires are burning out of control.
See Wildfire Danger assessment FBS Fire Danger Assessment 270618 for period to 020718
Below are a few scenes from the UK as an example taken from the Advanced Fire Information System (AFIS), as well as some related news articles.
Rare ‘Condition RED’ extreme forest fire warning issued as heatwave continues
Saddleworth Moor fire: Homes evacuated as blaze continues to rage

July 05, 2018: Today 2000 ha burnt in Ireland.


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