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How much do you know about the current state of European forests?

Does a larger forest area mean absolute good news? How can we adapt forests to climate change? What is the role of forests as carbon sinks? What is the relationship between biodiversity and sustainable forest management? Irene Baños Ruiz, a Deutsche Welle (DW) freelance environmental journalist, asks the questions many want to know about European forests in a series of interviews with experts.

FOREST EUROPE produced several videos with authors of the State of Europe’s Forests 2020 report and other experts to discuss the current situation of forests in Europe, main challenges and possible solutions. The videos cover different aspects of the Report, such as impact of climate change, substitution effect of wood-based products, payment for ecosystem services, ownership, biodiversity and much more.

The aim of the series is to spark discussions around the various topics. All interviews are available on FOREST EUROPE YouTube channel.

“A major threat [for trees] now are these dry summers that we had to face in recent years.”

Michael Köhl

The State of Europe’s Forests is FOREST EUROPE flagship publication. The current edition was published in December 2020. You can read the full report here. Follow FOREST EUROPE on Twitter to learn more about ongoing activities.


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