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SUPERB forest restoration journey comes to life with the launch of new project website

Funded by the European Commission to promote large-scale forest restoration in support of the EU Green Deal, the new Horizon 2020 project SUPERB, coordinated by EFI, has created quite a buzz on social media since its beginning in December 2021. With 36 consortium members, 90 associated partners, €20 million in EU funds and €90 million in in-kind contributions, SUPERB is likely to be the largest transnational forest restoration project globally.

Now, the enormous wealth of knowledge that will be generated by SUPERB’s restoration experts, as well as the latest updates on its multifold restoration activities, can be accessed online all in one place at

The new project website features insights on the restoration challenges, activities, techniques, visions, and upscaling potential of the project’s 12 demo areas, providing an overview of the diverse and innovative approaches required to ensure successful forest restoration across Europe. It takes the visitor on a journey from protected to managed forests, from public to private lands, from bear to reindeer habitats, from old-growth to coppice forest stands, and from the indigenous territories of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve to highly modified landscapes near major urban centers. All of this is happening in a wide geographical area ranging from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, and from the East to the West of the continent.

For even more inspiration, the website will also compile relevant resources, scientific studies, selected readings, publications, and policy briefs related to forest restoration, and give voice to a range of stakeholders and their narratives via an upcoming Interactive Storytelling Blog.

The SUPERB website is not to be confused with two additional project outputs: at a later stage, a Forest Ecosystem Restoration Gateway and a forest restoration Marketplace will be launched, extending the project’s impact beyond its lifetime.

Thirsty to know more? Explore the new website to find out all about our partners, demos, objectives, and join our #UpscalingForestRestoration movement by following SUPERB on Twitter!


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