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Category: Forest Education

“We want to encourage colleagues from abroad to visit Spain’s marteloscopes” – interview with David Lasala and Lidón Martínez

David Lasala is currently the coordinator of the Forest Resource Mobilization area at Agresta and is a member of the expert tree-markers team. Lidón Martínez works in the Forestry Policy and Natural Heritage area at the Forestry Department in Castilla y León. They have been leading the recent Spanish initiative of re-measuring the already existing five marteloscope sites to integrate them into the INTEGRATE marteloscope network, a network of more than 100 demonstration sites established all over Europe. They have also made the training software more accessible to local foresters by translating it into Spanish.

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360-Grad-Video zeigt “wald.anders.denken.”-Projekt im Kottenforst

Dieses 360-Grad-Video entführt den Zuschauer im Rahmen des Projekts „wald.anders.denken“ in die Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft unserer Wälder. Die Aktion schafft neue gedankliche Zugänge zum Wald, seiner nachhaltigen Bewirtschaftung und seiner globalen Bedeutung für unser Weltklima.  

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What do current students expect from their future career in the forest-related sector?

This is one of the questions the “Global Students Networking and Green Jobs in the forest sector” project is trying to investigate with their recently launched global survey among…

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