Resilience Research Programme

European Forest Institute’s pan-European Resilience Program is hosted by EFI’s Bonn Office. Together with our network of research institutions across Europe, the Research Programme generates knowledge for decision makers to tackle environmental challenges. We focus on:

• the impacts of global change and related risks on both forest ecosystems and society, and strategies to enhance and restore their capacity to adapt to change and continue providing forest ecosystem services.

• policies, strategies and management practices to enhance forest biodiversity in a rapidly changing environment, considering different regional and socio-economic settings.

• policies, strategies and management practices / tools to enhance integrated forest management in the context of competing objectives, complexity and uncertainty of decision-making under climate change as well as technical developments like digitalization

• strategies and management practices to enhance the role of forests and trees in increasing the resilience of rural areas to climate change.

• the role of urban forests as green infrastructure, and forestry, nature based solutions and wood construction in developing climate smart cities, better rural-urban interfaces and enhancing health and well being in urban areas.

European Forest Institute (EFI), an international organization with 28 Member Countries, and 116 member organizations from 36 different countries working in diverse research fields. EFI generates and shares the knowledge needed to develop the future strategic role of resilient forests in contributing to Europe’s sustainable development.

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